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to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits national guard in oakland. roberta does wx teas >>> rising violence, dwindling police department. calls to bring out the national guard in oakland. >>> for the second day in a row we are anticipating record cold here in the bay area. our coldest locations with our pinpoint forecast. >>> calls for stricter gun control legislation are getting louder. how tough is it really to get anything gun related in congress. >>> good evening. it is cold, and it is going to get colder overnight. temperatures dipped into the 20s earlier this morning we are expecting to see more of the same tonight. change is coming. roberta. >>> good evening everybody the only thing that would come into play that would hamper that from happening is the wind currently has been picking up, mixing up the atmosphere. right now clear skies, temperature 43, livermore jumped up to 44 due to a north wind. santa rosa, calm, 34 degrees. now tonight, overnight we are talking temperatures colder than last night when we had a record low in san jose of 26. tonight, 25 degrees. notice the
the archer. and i am going to take him down. breaking news in oakland: t city just saw it's 4-th home of the d >>> breaking news in oakland. the city just saw its fourth homicide of the day. the most recent just a few blocks away from bishop o'dowd high school in east oakland. julia goodvich in oakland. >> reporter: the suspects are still at large. it has been a deadly and chaotic day. four homicides in six hours. the latest shooting reported at 18:15 tonight -- 8:15 tonight. police searching open car port, and the entire area for the suspects at large. neighbors reported they heard 20-30 gunshots. one man is confirmed dead. this following three other homicides today, those happening within a 2-hour timespan this afternoon. police are still looking for the suspects in all of today's deadly incidents. but they are especially concentrating their efforts along north avenue where this latest shooting occurred. it is an active crime scene. at this point it's still active, certainly a lot of gun fire today, and four homicides in the past six hours. but at this point, no correlation as to wh
™. oakland' >>> every police department in america does it. >> except for oakland. the highly controversial policy this former lapd chief wants to bring to the city dealing with increased violence. >>> plus flu shot shortage. part of the bay area where it is hard to find the vaccine. >> there you go. >> sweeping the bay area and social media the move proving it is not too late to jump on the 49ers band wagon. >> we are headed for another freezing night for some it will be one of the coldest of the winter, cbs 5 chief meteorologist, paul. >> what is this canada? six straight nights, with temperatures below freezing. it will be another cold one tonight. winds are calmer another widespread freeze in the north bay also our interior valleys of the east bay. under a freeze warning for the sixth straight night. another frost advisory, on the peninsula this has been a trend half way through january right now san jose running five and a half degrees below average that is significant. concord nearly 5 degrees below. san francisco a little better but still cold, 3 degrees below average. things will ch
in washington, d.c. for the inauguration and this weekend people are also talking about gun control. >> oakland and california has strong gun control laws. i see teenagers with ak-47s on the streets. >> and what the city of oakland need to do to keep our own streets safe, next. >> i answer phones and get lunch for my boss. >> one way to pay your way through college, but there is another trend growing for cash strapped students, a website that connects them to a sugar daddy. >> a little deep freeze to start your sunday morning but we will recover with highs in the 60s and plenty of sun around. there are the numbers. we will see you after the break. ,,,, ,,,,,, get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. and through monday, get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ making espresso drinks..fixg computers... we're talking about part-time gigs tha pay your tuition. th . >>> the old definition of working your way through college, making expresser
, oakland police are looking for the suspects who shot and injured an 8-year-old girl in a drive by. it happened outside a house at 2:30 this afternoon. the girl was hit in her leg and in the hospital tonight. police say from the looks of it, she was caught in the cross fire and not targeted. the house and an suv in the driveway were riddled with bullet holes. >>> the chp is looking for the drivers who did this. this is a youtube video posted over the weekend of a side show. cars doing donuts in the middle of the freeway near the oakland coliseum. and cbs 5 reporter is in oakland tonight. joe. >> reporter: this is bizarre, even by oakland standards. you know how crowded this freeway gets on a saturday afternoon. imagine having to stop while these souped up cars start to do donuts around you. >> that is not okay to put people's lives in danger like that. >> look closely today and you can still see the circular marks burned into the freeway. this was the scene saturday afternoon. northbound 880 near the coliseum. traffic came to a dead stop in both directions as people gawked. some
. >>> all righty, thank you. >>> the city of oakland does not want this new year's to be like last new year's. police have said a two-word message for partyers. >> no guns. >> if you hear enough fire that you thought you were in a fire zone. >> reporter: john is talking about the sound of automatic celebrator gunfire in his neighborhood every new year's eve. this year he has a plan. >> i will be going in four hours before the gunfire starts. >> reporter: the gunfire is documented in youtube videos year after year. >> happy new year. and happy holidays. >> and this holiday from 2011 who claims to be in east oakland. firing round after round from what appears to be a shotgun, but oakland police chief howard jordan insists this year will be different. >> we actually have a team of officers dedicated by the supervisor and one sergeant, soully in response to the gunfire calls in the city tonight. >> reporter: and for the first time during new year's, officers are using enhanced shot spotter technology, a system that records the sound and location of gunfire and sends the information directly to
're dealing with today. >> for the second time in a weekend, oakland police officer is shot. the police chief's message to his force, and the people of oakland. >> and word of new help complications tonight for giants fan, brian stowe. and for the san francisco 49ers, a little less nfc after glow as the team gets down to business and the baltimore ravens. good evening, i'm ken bastida. the police chief wants everyone to listen up. he is not mincing his words after another officer was shot in east oakland. the second this week. cbs 5 reporter is at the scene. juliette. >> reporter: ken, the police chief taking a tough stance tonight. police were out here around 5:45 this evening. they were investigating this hit-and-run car crash that you can see. then they heard gun shots a block away. they ran to the scene. police say the gunman saw them in uniform and started firing shots directly at them. >> this will not be tolerated. you cannot shoot at police officers when they are trying to carry out their work in the line of duty. >> tonight, oakland's police chief saying the streets are getting m
tonight oakland's -- but tonight, oakland's plan to hire him is meeting some resistance. >> reporter: protestors jam oakland city council chambers, irate over this man's words. >> for any city to say they don't do stop and frisk, they don't know what the hell they're talking about. >> reporter: he is the former police #k450e6 of los angeles and -- chief of los angeles and new york, he may be the most voek opponent of stop and frisk. >> any police department in america that tries to function without some form of stop and frisk or whatever terminology they use is doomed to failure. >> reporter: and he's on his way to becoming a highly paid consult apt for the city of oakland. is it safe to say that you are and bill bretton are on the same page when it comes to stop and frisk? >> i think we're saying the same thing. >> reporter: they say it unfairly singles out minorities. >> stop and frisk doesn't work. look at new york city . >> reporter: new york city's program resulted in more than 700,000 stops in 2011, according to the new york times. 85% of those stopped were black or hispanic m
price tag, $250,000. right now, city council chambers in oakland are packed and there are three over flow rooms and hundreds of people voicing opinions about what to do about the violence on the streets. >> what he is doing elsewhere, it doesn't mean it's going to work here. if that's the case, then go next door to richmond. >> many oakland residents at the meeting tonight are furious the city would spend that amount of money on an outside consulting team. oakland activists voicing concerns about the zero tolerance policy and new york city's controversial stop and frisk policy linked with racial profiling. >> we know what it means, any young black or brown person that fits the profile will be subject to being harassed. >> why are you pegging them if other departments are doing that as well right now with chp and jurisdictions? >> that's the mantra. and it is something that we are trying to move the department here in oakland away from. >> the oakland city council had a number of items on the agenda. the top priority is that issue about the police consultant, bill. they expect
in jail and a $1,000 fine. kiet do, cbs5. >>> he was just trying to be a good neighbor. instead an oakland man got a real life lesson in the dangers of crime fighting and he told cbs5 reporter joe vazquez he had a hard time to get police to come back him up. >> when the bell wasn't answered, they started kicking on the door. >> reporter: george fraser of the red heights section of oakland said he couldn't believe it when around 1:30 in the afternoon he saw three machine trying to burglarize his neighbors -- men trying to burglarize his neighbor's house. he called 911 and was put on house while they were trying to get inside. >> i'm standing on the phone and they're standing there trying to get in the car and the guy took a shot at me like this and the bullet is right in the wall over there. see that black mark. and i could hear it. it was a report and i could feel the air as the bullet went by, a little breeze, and then my neighbor came running out and said did you hear the gunshot? >> reporter: frazier said it felt like he was on hold for 10 minutes with 911, not even close. >> in this
that investigation. >> reporter: how did three felons from sacramento and oakland with prior convictions for drugs find their way into the multimillionaire exclusive bay area businessman's home? the answer may lie with this woman. she was first arrested on prostitution charges last week. the murder suspects were arrested shortly after. dixon has been charged with harboring one of the murder suspects, but their exact relation to one another is unknown. and speaking of prostitutes, we dug through a stack of court documents two feet tall. he's accused of shady business deals. >> the business partners accused him of having a sham divorce. in fact the ceo wrote back in 2006. if you want to inflate the numbers on the value of tessla and his holdings to give his ex- wife the valuable assets through divorce in order to screw your creditors, no one is stopping you, however i am not about to lie for you or anyone else. in a separate e-mail, the same ceo wrote that he has never treated anyone fairly in his life except for his women. that's why no one in his family will have anything to do with him. and the c
from prek to ofth grade. >>> in the east bay fans of the oakland a's are pulling for a iters win. the a's sold out their fan fest at oracle arena and fans lined up for a chance to see some of their favorite players up close. but it seems like no matter who your team is everyone's pulling for the 9ers. >> i have a good feeling. i have i am more of a baseball fan rooting for the bay and i don't think the 9ers are going to disappoint. >> next sunday i wanters to take it. cap is a local bay from where i'm from. >> last season was the a's best in almost a decade. they ended up losing to the detroit tigers in the postseason spring training starts in just a few weeks. >>> and of course roberta's team the oakland a's we can use baseball weather throwing that in as a suggestion. >> today in oakland it was 59 degrees and that's up from the average high of 5 degrees so already in oakland. >> in fact temperatures across the board stay pretty much in the 50s. good evening everybody. with the clear blue skies tonight after sunset check out what were on the rise did you see it out there
are in oakland, three men and a teenage boy was gunned down over 6 hours last night, an oakland spoke person says it is linked to specific groups. while police are investigating no arrests made. >>> oakland had 131 homicides last year and so far six this year. >> three more people were hit by gunfire. it happened on harmon avenue near seminary before 1:00 this afternoon. all three people are expected to survive, no word if they are connected to last night's violence. >>> 68 people were victims of homicide in san francisco last year and today they were remembered in a memorial walk. the walk began at saint anthony's church and continued through the mission district. participants carried crosses. one man that walked had a personal reason for taking part. >>> i spent 23-and-a-half years incarcerated because i took a person's life. to hold this cross in honor of somebody, life was taken. for me it is very powerful. i am trying to give back as much as i can. i can't reverse the pain that i have caused. but i can try and do what i can in community to help. >> the walk was organized by the catholic arch
on throughout washington d.c., we had an opportunity to meet with a class that came here from oakland, 46 students who had -- many of them who had never been out of oakland in their lives getting the opportunity to witness history in -- when obama was sworn in today. >> for any eighth grader, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. a trip to washington d.c. to see the president imagurated. >> kind of like a wright of passage. >> at this school, it was practically unheard of. 8 out of 10 students come from low income house holds. this 8th grade teacher said he students live on some of the roughest streets. she said it would be a game changer for the students. >> it would cost 1,$760 per student. she and the students would -- $1,760 per student. that looked like an incredible number that was to be achieved. >> they had 4 months to make it happen. they signed students and parents up to volunteer at the cal football games. there were candy sales, bake sales. >> we sold candy and asking for donations. >> at least a 2.5 gpa to go and a requirement that each student do 10 hours of community service.
on the walking path near the station. they are expected to be okay. >>> in oakland, police have detained two people in connection with a fire in a vacant victorian on harrison street. the two were rescued from the roof of the burning house just after 5:00. according to the owner, the property is known to house squatters. >>> for the first time in a couple weeks, we're actually seeing some rain around the bay area. what's going on? >> we have the rain outside, a wet shot there, san francisco, all of the bay area is pretty soggy right now. it's an invasion of green. none of the rainfall is terribly heavy. there's that smartering of green all over -- smattering of green all over the area. lafayette, walnut creek, concord, pleasant hill and a few specks of yellow near san mateo. the bottom line, it's here to stick around. and the timing will be pretty interesting for your weekend plans. that's coming up. >>> today republican senator rand paul called it the worst tragedy in american history since 911. and he was talking about the attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi, libya, that filled four a
at oakland's laney college flea market. stolen computers and other items end up here for sale. >> do you know it's a felony to sell stolen merchandise? >> all i know is that i work here. >> reporter: she e-mailed the pictures to the user and demanded she return the computer. it worked. >> she said she spent the morning crying because she was so upset about it. >> reporter: the family is out the $800 they paid for that stolen computer. the gallery owner offered to pay for half because he figured they were all victims. the family thanked them and said no thank you because they figured they learned a tough lesson. police say they don't have the resources to msht monitor what goes -- to monitor what goes on in those flea markets. >>> it's boeing's most technologically advanced aircraft. but tonight too many problems have them all grounded. this is a 787 taking off from snow last week. the grounding follows a number of emergency land beings and other problems. cbs reporter randall pinkston on the issues turning the dreamliner into a bit of a nightmare. >> reporter: the faa ordered all boeing 787 d
been going too fast when he attempted to land. >>> the man accused of killing 7 people in oakland last year, has been found mentally incompetent t 43-year-old was back in -- the 43-year-old was back in court for testimony on his mental state. one of two court appointed psychiatrists found him to be suffering paranoid schizophrenia. >>> the horror of what happened in colorado spilled out in court today. the accused gunman, sat motionless through it all. >> reporter: he was let in with hair cut short and he has a beard. the first witness was officer jason, he spotted him spotted in full body armor realizing he was not a cop he drew his gun and arrested him. he was very relaxed he said there was no normal emotional response he seemed very detached from it all. officer just inwas among the first in the theatre. i almost fell down he said because of the blood. huge, large amounts of blood. with no ambulances yet at the scene, he made four trips in his squad car taking injured to hospitals, one of them was caleb medley who stopped breathing. i screamed at him he said, don't die on me. don't
. >> reporter: i only had to look as far as my hair dresser, madrid johnson in oakland. he's been battling the symptoms since after christmas. >> if anything makings me leave work and have to go home, it's serious. >> reporter: doctors called this strain h3 n2. >> it happens to cause more symptom thanes some of the other strengths -- symptoms than some of the others. >> reporter: he has been tracking the strain. the virus swept the country from the eastern seaboard to california unusually quickly. >> the typical peak happens mid-february for us, in most years. this year is about a month and a half earlier than expected. >> reporter: last week, close to 300 californians tested positive for the flu. doctors don't know why it's spreading so rapidly. but the rules are the same: wash your hands. if you come down with the virus, stay home and see a doctor. and get a flu shot. >> i don't particularly believe in flu shots. >> reporter: that means you, madrid! >> for more information and free resources, go to cbse sf.com. the state attorney >>> the tens of millions of dollars hidden from the state
, the gator has a new home at the oakland zoo where it issing treated by vets -- where it is being treated by vets for an unspecified illness. >>> a better look at the damage the oil tanker caused to the bay bridge this week. this shows the underside of the support column that was hit. another picture shows the scrape mark on the ship. and some of the wood from the support beam is stuck to the hull there. damage to the ridge is estimated between 2-3 million dollars. as for the cause of the crash, an attorney for the pilot says speculation of pilot error is premature. "none of the government investigators has pointed fingers at any specific source as a cause. there are many potential causes such as mechanical failure, faulty navigational devices, unpredictable fog conditions, and other possible sources." >>> other bay area headlines eric bone fragment that was believed to belong to missing hayward girl mccayla garret is not hers. detectives found the bone in october where several victims of the speed freak killers are buried. >>> san francisco police hope this video will help them find the
! already in the upper 30s. santa rose alivermore, con -- rosa, livermore. san francisco, 53. oakland, 52 degrees. a high surf advisory up and down the coast in the bay area. seas are going to build 8-10 feet. some spots could get to 20 feet. watch out for the sneaker waves! every sixth or seventh can be a strong one with a pull out to sea. please, swim with caution, or stay out of the water! concord, december, ton of rainfall. january, 1 quarter of 1 inch of rain. and we're not going to see any until wednesday. high pressure still protect the bay area. but things are getting more active 100 miles off to the west. and all of this meswill eventually move in -- of this mess will eventually move in. that's the entire holiday weekend still under the influence of this big bubble of high pressure. sunny, dry, mild in the 60s. before high pressure moves out middle of next week, a week cold front moves through, a couple showers on wednesday, not friday. and then an onshore flow will make us cooler for several days thereafter. a great, beautiful weekend to get outside! watch out for the rough surf
. >>> oakland's police chief says his officers are doing all they can to stop the recent rash of violence. but they need the public's help, too. cbs 5 reporter on their intensifying search for whoever shot an 8-year-old girl. >> everything turned upside down, it looks like. i don't know what's going on. people are going crazy. >> robert martinez lived in house house for 42 years. he says just recently, his neighborhood has started to feel like a war zone. he hears gun shots every day and innocent people like himself are becoming the victim. this past friday, his home was sprayed with bullets. this happened in the morning. yesterday, only a few houses down, an 8-year-old girl was shot just before 2:30 in the afternoon. police say this was a drive by shooting outside a family member's home. she was hit in the leg and taken to the hospital. >> this is terrible. it is really terrible for having a child shot like that over nothing. they don't care who they hurt. >> nobody at the house would talk to us, there was a car in the driveway with the back windows blown out. police are linking the
but no time soon. oakland, 67 degrees. the average is 59. san jose, 6 degrees above average. 66 for fremont. hayward 65. san ramon 64. head to the beach ! why not? low 60s. oakland , san francisco, 60s. 60s on friday, saturday. sunday may turn out to be the warmest day out of the whole stretch! next week, showers moving in wednesday. but six dry days between now and then. this is abnormal to have this much dry weather this time of year. jan january -- january, our second wettest month. not in 2013! >> perfect weather for cat hunting. for cats to do their hunting! >> there you go. >>> a young 49ers fan isn't had thing a hospital stay get in the way of his super bowl plans. >> he is a heart patient at packard children's hospital in palo alto, and he's turned his room into the ultimate fan cave. the 2nd grader is hosting a big super bowl barb for his family on sunday. he even has the menu planned. >> i'm going to -- they're going to come over, my family is going to come, and we're going to watch the super bowl and eat chicken. legs. >> love those chicken legs! he'd like to be a play by play
and in oakland, 53 and tonight, a low of 26 in santa rosa and below freezeing tonight and the freeze warnings are still in full affect and the five-day forecast is calling for numbers to be mostly in the 50s by tuesday and we'll look for things to be nice and sin for the entire part of the week and the actually fog is forming in -- tulley fog is forming and it will leak into the delta and napa and&parts of concord and this is one of the rare times in the area where we have low clouds and sunny. >> and expect that mid-week and plenty of sun and cold. >> definitely. >> yeah. >> thanks, brian. >> okay. >>> on thursday, governor brown declares the state is in the black for the upcoming fiscal year the first time since 2001 and is projecting the budget surplus through 2017. >> the legislature still has to come up with the revision in may when they look at the real numbers. the governor's budget is a lot of assumptions and that is howhen we sat down with senator jerry hill and how realistic are the assumptions? >> and he's taking real numbers and melding them in to something that will work. it's ba
in oakland. livermore has 44 degrees and theys are warming up into below 50s and there is a big of a big area in the san jose airport. sunny and chilly start to the day and clear. on the cool side and as we look to the week ahead, the good news to work outside. we have some sunshine this week. a few high clouds on the way from the pacific northwest and these clouds will mostly be heading to the north and just skirt the bay area. later in the day and towards sunset, we might see a few high clouds and looking for the pretty sunset. we don't look for any rain beyond that and mostly sunny skies earn the bay. heading out, this is looking good and this is from monday. at the ain't, the winds out of the northwest and no delays expected at this moment and rain and denver in chicago and new york's got rain mixed with snow and a high of 36 in the big apple. 55 degrees for us today in santa rosa and sonoma county and travis air force base. 54 degrees at fairfield; 53, lifermore and oakland, 53 in san francisco and in the extended forecast, we have fried eggs for breakfast. and temperatures in the upper
in the climate to influence the climate. >>> but meanwhile, a plan to use oakland -- to use alameda county sheriff's deputies to help the police department in oakland is running into resistance from some might think an unlikely place. >> it was proposed by two city council members. they want to spend half a million dollars to bring in 10 sheriff's deputies and a sergeant but the police union says that money would be better spent in house. the plan would be a temporary measure until new cadets are ready to patrol the streets of oakland. after years of hiring freezes, one california law enforcement agency is looking to hire a few new recruits and the competition is fierce. cbs5 reporter carter evans talked to some determined young men and women hoping to join the traffic highway patrol. >> reporter: traffic is about to pick up speed. a three-year hiring freeze has left the department short on new recruits. >> in order to save money, we had not held academy training. >> reporter: but chp assistant chief brent neuman says the end of the financial skid is in sight. >> now is the time to fire up
and fewer 30s in santa rosa. 45 oakland. tomorrow's highs warmer than today. mainly mid- to upper 50s. 53 in san rafael. 57 in oakland and 54 is the high in livermore. over the next several days once again keep the unsettled weather into the forecast for sunday. through about midday. and then clearing skies and then high pressure builds monday through friday for the most part. and we're going to see more seasonal temperatures. do want to mention wednesday we have a slight chance of rain mainly north of the golden gate. >> all righty. thank you very much. appreciate it. >>> well, a new ad campaign is catching a lot of attention. it's an effort to reclaim the islamic word jihad. the word is known for its negative connotations. the move to help minimize anti- muslim sentiment. ,, well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so goo
from oakland towards san fransisco. different view there, you have the embarcadero again, and some of the temperatures, currently mid-30s in livermore and santa rosa, loe 40s in the peninsula. tonight in the 20s in santa rosa. some could get colder than that, around 26, 27 degrees, otherwise below freezing in concord, freezing in vallejo. now we have a freeze warning in effect in the red highlighted areas which encompasses the mountains and valleys of the north bay and the high lieutenanted blue area that means we -- highlighted blue area means frost warning. temperatures had be well below normal for this time of year so you need that extra blanket tonight, wake up for a frosty start on the morning commute on wednesday and then it's a second winter spare the air day, no burning allowed, and no rain in the forecast, all the way through january 10th. sure, we have storms, they're stacking up to the north of the bay area. look at this impressive system and then shredding apart at the seams as it banks up against a ridge of high pressure. so it should be dry until next thursday, then w
the tri-valley. mid-30s around san jose and into the peninsula. looking out from oakland toward the city of san francisco, we will see some increasing clouds, call it partly cloudy overnight with those cold temperatures still in the inland areas. and it's voluntary spare the air day for wednesday! then no rain in the forecast. january 9th there's a chance. january 11th, it's likely sure! this area of low pressure looks impressive. but the core, it's banging up against a ridge of high pressure, falling apart at the seams. we'll call it a dirty ridge of high pressure. that's why we will say it's partly cloudy for your thursday. statewide, clear throughout the interior section of the state. partly cloudy in lake tahoe. 61 after an overnight low of 7 above zero! you'll have to go all the way to santa cruz to find that dry weather mark. that is your pin-point forecast! >>> the warriors were red-hot! we got that, a bowl game. these warriors, they put on a show! ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, about a minute... sweet mu >>> the warriors tonight enfuego! they just handed it to them! sellout crowd. harrison ba
. it takes place this year saturday january 19 at the legendary paramount theater in oakland. thank you for watching.
notarangelo. right now traffic is getting back to normal in oakland following a fatal accident. the crash shut down all lanes on westbound 880 on high street for nearly two hours. this is what it looks like right now, but this is what it looked like just a short time ago. the freeway resembled a parking lot. they said that the chain reaction crash started when a car hit the center divide. one person killed, but traffic is getting back to normal. >>> in the san francisco neighborhood, they are stunned by what they saw. and a woman was set on fire in the middle of the san francisco streets. it happened just a few blocks from candlestick park. cbs 5 reporter talked to the woman's sister who saw it happen. linda? >> and the young victim remains in the burn unit here at st. francis hospital. and the sister says that it was the boyfriend's fault. they have fought and then it escalated into where a fight where he set her on fire. neighbors heard horrifying cries for help and then saw a woman on fire tearing at her clothing. they did not want to be identified. >> we heard some screaming and we went ou
through mid january we're trending colder. tonight, chilly but not that cold yet. oakland mid40s. radar is clear. we're talking about the air that's not that cold yet. all of that changes tomorrow. big dip in the jet stream. just kind of carving out part of the pacific ocean. we get the clouds tomorrow morning. get showers tomorrow evening. then we get a cold front behind that. rain is not really the big deal. the cold will be. it'll be cold on thursday. highs for many of you in the 40s. lows will be in the 20s away from the water. san francisco may be under a freeze warning in the city coming up friday morning with temperatures down near 32 degrees. showers move in late tomorrow. the snow level, not much out there. here's your pinpoint forecast. mid50s tomorrow. san francisco, 54. livingmore, 55. pittsburgh, 55. also a pair of fives for pleasantton. your extended forecast. look at thursday. 50 near the bay. 40 inland. that's the high. friday still chilly. over the weekend we get back to the low to mid50s. it will be a cold three or four days starting tomorrow night. more chillier. >> m
and that was in oakland. but it was 73 in santa cruz. above average in san jose. average high 57 in santa rosa but instead 65. and livermore and fairfield and concord are the cool spot at 60. currently we have 39 degrees already in livermore. we'll have to double check that. 39 also in santa rosa where the winds are still calm at this hour. we're dropping down to the freezing point again in livermore. in fact tonight's lows sub freezing in many inland locations and then we moderate gradually every single night, overnight. this is san jose with the clear skies. we have the high surf advisory tomorrow until 4:00 p.m. cool and cloudy on wednesday with a slight chance of rain. right now, see this right here, this is a good indication that the jet stream is varying over the huge ridge of high pressure providing us with ample sunshine across the entire state. in fact we are talking about uniform numbers, from the mid- 60s to the interior section of the state. 40s in lake tahoe with the forecast of 1 above zero. 65 in monterey bay. getting a good feel for things here. everybody is pretty much in the 60s with thi
anguish coast to north. it was 69 in oakland. these numbers are very similar to what you vex experienced yesterday. 64 degrees in san jose and 65 in santa rosa up from the average high of this time of the year, 257 degree -- 57 degrees. look out towards san francisco where it was 64. again, out for 57. now, 53 degrees. all right tumbling well into the 30s some freezing views in santa rosa as well as the trivalley. mid to upper 30s, they will encompass the side of santa clara and 33 degrees at nap. this is san jose by the way, looking at city hall with the clear skies. starry skies. we won't see semipros few. swells are eight to ten feet as we will have a cooler and cloudier forecast by midweek. first thing is first. area of the low pressure. look at the clouds continue to wrap around the ridge of storm tray. we'll continue to experiment a staggering weather pattern. pretty much what you have experienced yesterday as we did it today and again for the holiday and then on tuesday before we will start to see the changes. but count on future cast. and for you to know when they will increase a
, oakland ballet. he's performed with tony productions, a favorite lecture at stanford. the master teacher at uc berkeley and joins us this morning. welcome, robert. it's great to you have back. >> and i am glad to be here. >> you do the most creative and innovative things. >> the piece is entitled never be a world of peace and that is focused on critical moments in liberation struggles or struggles of revolution and some personal moments in the struggles and how we stand up as individuals. >> how we stand up in moments of liberation. give an example. >> moments of change. >> okay. >> i think we have seen a lot of that over the last few years. you think about the occupy me. and about what is happening now and as you said earlier in your early segment on gun control. >> yes. >> and that is the fighting against the prevailing idea. >> right. >> or the idea's changing. what happened in the struggles, it's the individual that makes the difference. >> yes. >> and that is what we're focused on. >> and that is an individual, and i think it was gandhi who said -- . >> uh-huh. >> -- an ordinary per
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